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Cathy Friedman MSN RN NCSN Office hours: 8:35-3:15pm
Email address: Phone: 781-784-1595, ext. 2 Health office fax: 781-793-5138

Kindergarten/New Elementary Student Health Document Requirements

Immunization Records/Physical Exams require signature of health care provider

  1. DPT – 5 doses
  2. Polio – 4 doses
  3. Hepatitis B – 3 doses
  4. Measles, Mumps, Rubella – 2 doses
  5. Varicella – 2 doses or a physician certified reliable history of

chickenpox disease

  1. Screening for lead poisoning – after 9 months of age (kindergarten only)
  2. Screening for vision – within the last 6 months (kindergarten only)
  3. Physical exam dated within past 12 months

Please contact Cathy Friedman RN with any questions or concerns regarding the entrance requirements or health history concerns. 1-781-784-1595, ext. 3230

5th Grade Growth and Development Presentation

Parent Night for 5th Grade Growth and Development:

Not scheduled yet for school year 2021-2022